Thursday, April 8, 2010

AAPG Geoscience Data Preservation Committee

The AAPG Geoscience Data Preservation Committee meets on April 13 at the AAPG Annual Meeting in New Orleans.  The agenda offers a view of what efforts and issues are in play around the country.


John Steinmetz, Director, Indiana Geological Survey - Update on Federal and State Efforts toward Geoscience Data Preservation, including results from AASG Spring Liaison Meeting, summer 2009 Data Preservation Workshop, and 2010 National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program Grants.

David Orchard, ConocoPhillips, Houston, TX – Finding Cores from the Permian Basin – Efforts to Create a Database of all existing Permian Basin Core Material – where it’s housed, accessing the material, etc.

Rod Tillman, Consulting Geologist, Tulsa, OK - Cole Memorial Cross Section Digitization efforts being done cooperatively by Oklahoma Geological Survey, Tulsa Geological Society, Bureau of Land Management and AAPG.

Jim McGhay – Energy Libraries Online, Tulsa, OK –update on the progress of Energy Libraries Online, the non-profit effort of several leading energy information libraries in the Mid-continent region to preserve and develop their collections into a consolidated digital and accessible database

Michael Laine, Curator, Utah Gore Research Center, Salt Lake City, UT - Utah Core Research Center: Adaptation for Survival

Sarah Ramdeen, Florida Department of Environmental Protection - Research on digital curation for the geosciences – update on PhD program research.

Kenneth Papp – Curator, Geologist, Alaska Geologic Materials Center - Data Preservation Efforts at the Alaska Geologic Materials Center

Bill Harrison - Director, Michigan Basin Core Research Laboratory -  Geoscience Data Preservation Efforts in Michigan

Patrick Gooding - Manager, Well Sample and Core Library, Kentucky Geological Survey -  Ongoing Geoscience Data Preservation Efforts in Kentucky.    

Thanks to committee co-chair Bev DeJarnett at the Texas Bur. of Economic Geology for sharing the agenda.              

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