Saturday, January 1, 2011

Call for Papers Use of Collaborative Platforms in Earth Science

Earth Science Informatics, Springer-Verlag Publication
Special Issue – Call for Papers
Use of Collaborative Platforms in Earth Science

Web 2.0 technologies are being actively leveraged by the Earth science informatics community to build online collaborative platforms. The goal of these onlineplatforms is not only to provide web-based accessibility to resources such as data, services and computation but also to foster and build active virtual communities for specific domains.

These technologies enable a wide spectrum of collaboration. At the simplest level, a collaborative platform could be a wiki for posting and sharing scientific information. On the other end of the spectrum, collaborative frameworks have been developed that allow sharing of workflows, analysis results, simultaneous editing of maps, charts etc.

The goal for this special issue is to share efforts by different projects to provide social web features within Earth science tools.

The special issue welcomes journal articles focusing on applications and frameworks to address scientific collaborative goals for a domain. The articles should address the collaborative objectives and describe the underlying technology utilized in building these collaborative platforms. The articles should also provide an objective self-assessment in their ability to engage their targeted community and describe lessons learned in the process.

Guest Editors
Dr. Rahul Ramachandran
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Phone: 865-574-7647

Dr. Christopher Lynnes
NASA/GSFC, Code 610.2
phone: 301-614-5185

Submission Deadline:
January 31, 2011

Submission Instructions:
· Submit articles online:
· Use Special Issue Short Name: Collaborative Platforms

Information about the Earth Science Informatics Journal can be found here:

Thanks to Christopher Lynnes at NASA/GSFC, for passing this along.

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