Sunday, January 2, 2011

Libertie, fraternitie, interoperability!

"Libertie, fraternitie, interoperability!" EU INSPIRE program officer Marcel Watelet summed up the results of the OneGeology-Europe project at the final workshop in Paris at the end of October.

1G-E was the most ambitious and the most successful of all the INSPIRE initiatives. Twenty national geological surveys implemented 40 web services in 17 languages. Partners in the continent-wide project continue to harmonize national geologic maps across borders.

But inexplicably, with all this success, the powers that be, dropped geology from consideration from the next round of EU funding. The OneGeology-Europe team is working to keep alive their tremendous successes for a couple of years until the potential to build further may materialize.

For the rest of us working on interoperability in the geosciences, 1G-E has proved that it can be done, and to do it in 17 languages is way beyond the challenge most of us face. So, congratulations to Ian Jackson at the British Geological Survey and the whole 1G-E team.

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